K24 is Kenya’s first 24-hour news and features TV channel, and is one of AEFF’s key distribution outlets, reaching many viewers in Nairobi’s urban areas (Kenya’s capital city).

Today, K24 sent us a list of the text messages they have been receiving in response to the screening of AEFF’s films. These messages speak for themselves, so here they are [sic]:

A very good Great Ruaha River documentary. Can u be bringing them every day please? Long live K24 & b blessed. Huruma, Nairobi.

Great feature on the Ruaha River. Should be re-run.

Congrats for your quality programs. How can I get a copy of the just ended animal documentary? Eliud

The animalia movie is wonderful. The African movies may add taste 2 your good programs. Thanks K24, Mutahira.

Documentary on Ruaha River is an eye opener on effects of poor ecological management. Hope everyone gets a chance to watch & derive lessons from it. J AOK q


Thanks K24 for the wildlife video clips. Those of us who have no means, tour the plains and bushes on our TV sets.

I am Simati Constant from Thika. I’m really enjoying watching your documentary on beetles. A nice job! Can I get a copy of it?

I’ve enjoyed watching the just ended documentary on Tsavo elephants very much… Oh! It was marvelous. Keep it up K24. Phoebe, Nairobi.

Please keep showing wildlife films, especially Big Cat Diary, Elephant Diary, AEFF wildlife films!!

The wildlife/KWS programs u air are very informative. Is it possible to send me the times they are aired? Your viewer, Phillip Macharia.

Hi, I’m a great fan of k24. Thanx for airing Kenya’s pride-wildlife. Would u pls give us insight on snakes. Jim, Thika.

Good job covering wildlife programs. Makes us feel Kenyan, all the time… Joseph, Nairobi.

K24, I like your documentaries on WILDLIFE. Keep it up. In future, try and bring us those from outside Kenya – like those from Alaska, Antarctica, Siberia, etc…Joseph Mbote…Nairobi.

Hi K24, the African Environmental Film Foundation (AEFF) documentaries are very good. Thanks for educating us about our country & the environment – Frank.



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Thank you.


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