Tanya Saunders is a Founding Director of African Environmental Film Foundation and serves as Vice President.  She has eighteen years of non-profit management experience. Her career has consistently maintained a particular focus on conservation of the greater Tsavo ecosystem. Currently she is Executive Director and Co-founder of Tsavo Conservation Group (TsavoCon) and prior was Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Tsavo Trust for three years. Tanya co-founded TsavoCon in the USA in 2013, and was appointed Executive Director when TsavoCon expanded its mandate from its initial role of supporting conservation in Tsavo through grant funding from the USA to a full-time operational role in Kenya. Based in the UK, Tanya oversees the strategic direction of TsavoCon, while leading the organization’s financial, administrative and fund development functions across UK, USA and Kenya. Tanya is an internationally published writer on conservation and natural history.