Tiva – A River of Sand

The Tiva sand river in the Tsavo National Park in Kenya was a lifeline during the desperately dry times in 1974. Survival of the fittest meant that only the strongest survived the drought but surprisingly some animals chose to start a family, against all the odds. Even more surprising, however, is how the area looks today, despite warnings at the time that it would never recover. This film is a poignant reminder of nature’s resilience, if left alone to right itself.

This trailer shows selected clips from the finished film:

Year of Completion: Updated and re-versioned from the original in 2011

Available in the following Languages: English, Kiswahili
Available in the following formats: DVD

If you represent an educational institution or an environmental or conservation organization in Africa, you can request a free DVD copy of this film (all languages are on the same DVD).

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