A Keeper’s Diary

A remarkable insight into the lives of orphaned elephants, raised by the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. These elephants have lost their families from one disaster or another and are true orphans. They have been given a new chance in life and, through the eyes of their Kenyan keepers, the film follows them grow until they eventually join up with their wild cousins. This is not just a film about baby elephants but reveals behaviour which has never been documented in wild elephant studies.

This film has been screened in areas bordering the Tsavo National Park, in Kikamba – the principle language of the local people. As a result, children in several villages have spoken out against poaching of elephants and rhinos and have pressurized their parents to stop this destructive activity.

Year of Completion: 2006

Available in the following Languages: English, Kiswahili, Kikamba
Available in the following formats: DVD

If you represent an educational institution or an environmental or conservation organization in Africa, you can request a free DVD copy of this film (all three languages are on the same DVD).

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