The Meanest Animal in the World?

A fascinating insight into the world of the diminutive but fearless Honey Badger, striking predator of the African savannah and intrepid raider of bee hives. The Honey Badger is also a specialized feeder, locating underground dung beetle brood chambers, containing tennis ball-sized dung balls, in which larvae are developing into dung beetles. The badger finds them very appetizing and is able to feed off them during the dry season, when bees have little honey in their combs.

Year of Completion: 2003

Available in the following Languages: English, Kiswahili
Available in the following formats: DVD

If you represent an educational institution or an environmental / conservation organization in Africa, you can request a copy of this film. Please specify whether you would like a DVD. (DVDs have both languages on the same disk)

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