The Tombs Below Aruba

A fascinating insight into the life of the giant dung beetle, heliocopris dilloni, which feeds exclusively on organisms found in elephant dung. But perhaps the elephant relies on the beetle for its survival too, for each year, beetles busy thousands of tons of dung, which fertilize the soil, allowing plants to thrive, and thereby also providing food for elephants.

This film is an educational document highlighting the importance of conserving biodiversity, from the smallest insect to the largest mammal – for the benefit of the habitat, and for the benefit of both humans and animals who rely on a healthy environment for their survival.

This trailer shows selected clips from the finished film:

Year of Completion: 2000

Available in the following Languages: English, Kiswahili
Available in the following formats: DVD

If you represent an educational institution or an environmental / conservation organization in Africa, you can request a copy of this film. Please specify whether you would like a DVD. (DVDs have both languages on the same disk.)

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