AEFF has become a member of the Kenya Film and Television Professionals Association, which represents all aspects of the film industry here in Kenya. The Association allows film professionals in this country to speak with one voice and thereby leverage more influence when proposing measures and legislation which could boost the local film industry while also helping to attract international film companies to Kenya.

The power of film cannot be overstated, not only to educate but to put places “on the map”, thereby attracting tourism revenue and highlighting issues of importance. The recent reinvigoration of this Association is a good sign of the film industry in this country banding together to drive positive change.

The Association also provides an excellent networking facility for the film industry, and as AEFF expands, we may well recruit our future film makers from amongst the membership. In turn, we hope to be able to help the Association through contributing to discussions and ideas, and sharing our experience with others.

The Association website is currently being revamped, but in the meantime, they have an active Yahoo eGroup called KFTPA2006.


One thought on “Kenya Film and Television Professionals Association

  1. paddy karanja on May 13, 2014 at 1:13 pm Reply

    hi, i am a film and tv professional. i have learnt of the existence of the association and would like to subscribe for membership. how do i begin?

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